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Our Specialist Automatic Driving Instructor... Driving Lessons & Intensive Automatic Driving Courses

Automatic driving lessons & courses with XL Driving Tuition At XL Driving Tuition we have an automatic driving instructor specialising in teaching you the skills you need to drive an automatic car safely and with confidence.
Are you nervous about driving or do you have a disability?
Automatic driving lessons or courses and the automatic driving test can be the perfect solution for hesitant and nervous drivers or those with certain disabilities.
Automatic Cars are Easier to Drive Pass the automatic driving test
You can't stall or roll back with an automatic car which allows you to be more confident whilst driving. The car selects the correct gear for you leaving you to concentrate on your observations, speed and steering making driving much easier.
People with Certain Disabilities Can Drive an Automatic Car
People with certain disabilities find the automatic driving test gives them the freedom to drive without the barrier of gear changes.
Reduced Learning Time & Driving Tuition Costs
When you learn to drive an automatic car it enables you to improve quicker thus achieving the automatic driving test standard sooner. This means you should spend less time and money having automatic driving lessons and become a qualified driver sooner.

Driving Lessons by the hour  
  • XL Driving Tuition highly recommend 1 1/2 or 2 hour automatic driving lessons

  • The rate of learning is greater over this period of time compared to an hourly lesson with the overall hours (& cost) being less
  • XL Driving Tuition offer you the flexibility to build your automatic driving course around your needs and time frame.

  • Intensive automatic driving courses will run on consecutive, pre-arranged days (including weekends if necessary subject to instructor availability)

  • Semi intensive automatc driving courses usually consist of two or three 2 hour driving lessons a week over a period of weeks leading up to the driving test

  • Weekend courses typically comprises of 6 hours a day at the weekend to fit in with your busy working week

  • There will be a constant ongoing assessment covering all key stages required

  • All driving tuition will be one to one with the same driving instructor in the car you will take your test in

  • You will take a realistic mock test with another XL driving instructor on an actual test route

  • We can book your practical automatic driving test free of charge
  • 1 hour for...         £ 26
  • 1 1/2 hours for... £ 39
  • 2 hours for...       £ 52
Fully Intensive, Semi Intensive & Weekend Automatic Driving Courses
  • £26 per hour
  • i.e. 20 hours...    £520
  • i.e. 25 hours...    £650
  • i.e. 30 hours...    £780

Initial Assessment

Because XL Driving Tuition do not assume everyone will need the same number of hours tuition, we highly recommend an initial assessment lesson where we can establish...

  • what you already know
  • your existing driving ability
  • how quickly you learn new subjects
  • how many hours driving tuition you are likely to need
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