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Train to be an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) with XL Driving Tuition

Pay as you Learn, £30 an hour with NO upfront costs
Jacq & Rob Mills top grade 6 ADI's If you are looking to train for a career as a DSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) then XL Driving Tuition has the right course for you.
Experience has taught us everyone has different aims and we are only a phone call away from discussing yours. We can teach you as quickly or as slowly as your personal situation dictates. Our flexibility has proven highly successful. The information that follows is split into 3 areas: -
  • The Initial Assessment
  • The Examination Process
  • Costs - pay as you go making training for a new career affordable
Appoved Driving Instructor ADI
James trained to be a fully qualified ADI with XL Driving Tuition and is now part of the XL Driving Tuition team Testimonial "I learnt to drive with Rob at XL and couldn't have asked for a better instructor, so after deciding I would like to train to be a driving instructor I knew there would be no-one better to learn with than XL. I wasn't wrong. There is a lot to learn in order to become a successful ADI, but Rob and Jacq both made the whole process a pleasurable experience, carrying out all training sessions with great patience and good humour and always available to call on their experience if needed. I passed with the highest score possible (6 - 6) which i am very proud of.  I have no doubts that learning with XL has made me a better ADI than I perhaps would have been and cannot recommend them highly enough." James (age 26)

Initial Assessment

We give a 2-3 hour assessment session before anyone starts their Driving Instructor Training with us. This initial session briefly covers all 3 parts of the ADI training giving you a real taster of the exam process.

The initial assessment has proven to be very beneficial as it gives you, the trainee, a complete overview of the whole course. We will be able to judge approximately how many hours tuition you will require to prepare you for passing the examinations.

You will also meet our company representative to answer any questions you may have.

XL Driving Instructor ADI

Driving Instructor Training  

The Examination Process Comprises of 3 Parts

To qualify to be an ADI you must pass three exams. These are: -

  • Part 1 - a Theory/Hazard Perception Test
  • Part 2 - a Practical Test of your Driving Ability
  • Part 3 - a Practical Test of your Ability to Teach
Part 1: The Theory/Hazard Perception Test
  • You have to answer 100 multiple choice questions and answer 85 or more correctly

  • You have to watch 14 video clips and identify all developing hazards in a satisfactory timescale

You must pass both parts of this exam at the same time.

XL Driving Tuition will provide you with...
  • a list of the recommended books to read,
  • the CD-Rom to practise exam conditions
    with and
  • a list of web sites to visit
  • FREE XL support is just a phone call away  
We will help you with any questions or problems you may be having. You pay nothing to XL for this.
Part 2: The Test of Driving Ability

The Test of Driving Ability is what it says. It covers an hour long driving test in which you must show a thorough knowledge of the principles of good driving and road safety and that you can apply them in practice.

You will be asked, within that hour, to perform four manoeuvres and the emergency stop. 

XL will teach you everything required to pass your test of driving ability in a comprehensive sequence of 2 hour lessons.  This will include...

  • a realistic mock test whilst using an actual test route with another XL Driving Instructor and

  • once you have all the knowledge required, use of an XL car to practice in your own time at £5 per hour.  
Part 3: The Test of Ability to Instruct

The Test of Ability to Instruct is an hour long test in which you must show your ability to teach different subjects at different levels.

XL Driving Tuition will teach you everything required to pass your test of ability to instruct in a comprehensive sequence of 2 hour lessons.

We will take you through all key stages in a methodical manner which will not only make the part 3 test more achievable, it will make  your teaching skills, once passed, more natural and realistic. 

How much will it cost to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)
Pay as You Go: Tuition is only £30 per hour (any Theory Test (part 1) assistance is free with XL Driving Tuition)
We are confident you will successfully complete your training with us. As such we are more than happy to take payment via the pay as you go method. You simply have a lesson with us and pay for it there and then, so there are NO large, non-refundable fees payable up front. This enables you to qualify as an approved driving instructor at your own pace and financial circumstances.

Testimonial Wayne (age 34)

Trained to be a driving instructor with XL



"I choose to learn with XL as they had been recommended to me by a friend.  I felt at ease from the moment I phoned up to investigate the possibility of learning with them.  They talked me through the cost and timescales needed to train.

At the time of learning to become a Driving Instructor I was still working.  XL fitted around me and my work and although it was hard training, especially with a 4 year old running around, I felt XL worked with me

I passed each stage first time and this gave me the boost I needed to achieve the end result of becoming an Instructor myself. I actually passed the week before my wife gave birth to my little boy and I haven’t looked back since.  I enjoy teaching with XL, they are a lovely friendly company to work for."

Wayne ADI trained to be an approved driving instructor with XL Driving Tuition
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